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Calcium: A Key Nutrient for a Healthy Smile

May 16, 2023

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Chalkboard reading “Calcium” surrounded by foods high in calcium

There are many steps you must take if you want to be able to protect your teeth for life. In addition to keeping them clean by brushing and flossing every day, you also need to eat the right kinds of foods to keep them healthy. And when it comes to maintaining strong teeth, there’s one nutrient in particular that you should make sure that you’re getting plenty of: calcium.


Can Bad Teeth Run in the Family?

April 24, 2023

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person with bad teeth covering their mouth

Have you ever wondered if dental problems can be inherited? The link between genetics and oral health has been a subject of interest for many researchers. It turns out that your pearly whites may indeed have a genetic component. While oral hygiene habits and environmental factors play significant roles, studies suggest that certain dental issues can run in the family. Keep reading as we explore the fascinating relationship between genetics and imperfect teeth, shedding light on how your family history may impact your oral health.


The 4 Most Notable Health Benefits of Smiling

March 4, 2023

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a patient pointing toward their healthy smile

When you’re walking down the street, your smile is often the very first feature that strangers will notice—which is part of why there’s been a recent surge in the popularity of cosmetic dentistry! But while it’s true that a bright and white smile will capture the gaze of those around you, did you know that smiling also unlocks several notable health benefits that contribute toward your overall wellness? Here’s more from your dentist about four of these unique advantages.


Why Choose a Cosmetic Dentist?

February 24, 2023

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Smiling woman in dentist’s chairIf you’re ready to love the smile you see in the mirror, your first step is to find a dentist to revamp your pearly whites. Although you’ll find many reputable dentists, not all have undergone advanced training in aesthetic services. Here’s why you should consider investing in a cosmetic dentist instead of going to a general practice.


A Guide to the Most Common Oral Health Problems

February 23, 2023

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Someone holding their cheek in pain

You use your teeth all day, every day. Whether you’re talking, laughing, eating, smiling, or even just holding your jaw at rest, your teeth are supporting everything you do.

That said, how much do you really know about them? Millions of Americans are dealing with oral health problems, and many of them aren’t even aware. Considering how important your teeth are, it’s a good idea to know what sort of conditions you might have to deal with.

In that spirit, here’s a guide to some of the most common oral health problems, and what you can do to prevent them.


Can Gum Disease Affect Your Mental Health?

December 4, 2022

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worried man

Mental health awareness is on the rise. More and more people are taking charge of their emotional and mental wellness by making positive changes in their lives and seeking professional care when necessary. But did you know that your oral health can also have a bearing on your mental health? Research suggests that gum disease may increase the risk of depression, anxiety, and other indicators of poor mental well-being. Learn more about this connection from your dentist in Flower Mound.


Does the Keto Diet Help or Harm Your Oral Health?

November 3, 2022

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Among the many popular trends and fads these days, the keto diet is among the most well-known. This low carb, high fat diet is something that many people swear by—but while it might be effective for losing weight, did you know it can also impact your oral health in various ways? Here’s more from your dentist in Flower Mound about this diet and how it can influence your smile!


Here’s What to Know If You Smoke and Need Dental Implants

October 12, 2022

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a person representing smoking and dental implants in Flower Mound

Are you struggling with tooth loss? One of the most popular and effective ways to replace your missing pearly whites is with dental implants. Not only will they rebuild your teeth from the roots up, but they’ll also help preserve your jawbone and prevent dental drifting. However, the success of your restoration treatment can be negatively impacted if you typically use tobacco products. Keep reading to learn about smoking and dental implants, and how to ensure a successful procedure!


How Long Do Dental Bridges Last?

September 4, 2022

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closeup of a dental bridge

Missing teeth can affect more than just your appearance – it can impact your quality of life as well. If you have gaps in your smile, you’re probably seeking a solution to enjoy a fully functioning grin once again. Well, dental bridges are an excellent tooth-replacement solution to consider. They promise to stand the test of time, but how long is that exactly? Read on to learn from your dentist in Flower Mound about dental bridge lifespan and what you can do to extend it.


How Do You Know if Cosmetic Dentistry is Right for You?

August 20, 2022

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A smile that's received cosmetic dentistry

You may have heard of cosmetic dentistry if you’ve visited your local dentist often enough. You might even know that it can transform all sorts of smiles for the better! However, perhaps you aren’t sure if it’d be helpful for your own teeth. Who’s to say whether you’d need its treatments or if you’d qualify in the first place? Well, settling the matter is easier than you’d think. Read on to learn about cosmetic dentistry’s main uses and its methods for helping smiles.

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