Preventative Care

Preventative care forms the foundation of good oral health. Dr. Lauri Barge, D.D.S. believe your smile will thrive if you know how to care for it. Their primary mission is educating their patients in just that. Learn here about in-office services and what you can do at home for healthy teeth and gums.

No place like home

Preventative care begins and home with you:

  • Twice daily brushing
  • Once a day flossing
  • Tooth-friendly, low-sugar diet

Consistently good oral hygiene habits create the proper oral environment for healthy gum tissue, bone and of course, tooth enamel. Removing bacteria-filled plaque and limiting tartar each day suppress the action of harmful bacteria. So does a low-carbohydrate diet and ample hydration.

In-office preventative care

At Dr. Lauri Barge D.D.S., P.A., it starts with the six-month hygienic cleaning and examination. Your dental hygienist:

  • Reviews your medical history and prescriptions
  • Performs periodontal probing, a painless check of gum health
  • Does a preliminary examination for oral cancer (for every adult)
  • Scales, flosses and polishes your teeth
  • Takes digital X-rays as needed

Then, Dr. Lauri Barge D.D.S., P.A. examines your teeth, checking for decay, gum disease, the condition of restorations such as crowns and fillings, your dental alignment and jaw joint function. She does a quick, but thorough, visual inspection for oral cancer.

With the details she has gathered, he formulates a comprehensive treatment plan to improve preventive care, take care of any needed restorations and offer suggestions on how to improve your smile cosmetically. For both children and adults, he may recommend fluoride treatments and/or plastic sealants to shield teeth against tooth decay.

Preventative care helps young and old...

And, everyone in between. Starting early in life, preventive dental habits and in-office care ensure young teeth develop and erupt properly, are well-aligned, and last a lifetime. For adults, preventative care not only wards off decay but also, periodontal disease, the number one cause of tooth loss in the US, according to the CDC.

Dr. Lauri Barge D.D.S., P.A. and her team will show you how to have your best smile for life. Call the Flower Mound, TX dentist today at  (972) 539-3800 to learn more about preventative care or to schedule an appointment. 

Preventative Care Flower Mound, TX